Gay in the City 01

Question for all of the homosexuals, women and men on the low who eventually read this: 

Lets set up the scenario, you're on the train and a group of men sit across from you glistening in sweat with basketballs under their muscular ass arms. You glance at them while their heads are turned do you immediately look at their bulge? Maybe it's just me in all my horny summer glory but lately I can't stop staring at a dick print. Okay maybe that's a little intense and if your straight reading this please don't start jumping to conclusions that every gay boy is staring at your dick. I will say this is a personal issue and the zoom in feature on instagram was a blessing in disguise. I'm not even discrete about it anymore my eyes go straight for it with no remorse. I know a lot of my gay friends who definitely have similar urges. I had an old friend who was muchhh worse than me. I'm also starting to see men as just one huge social experiment. I honestly blame this on how over sexualizing has become so normalized the world must be one big horny mess. America has lost its filter. We've lost all tastefulness and poise. The way this mindset of no boundaries has trickled into the masses, I won't be surprised to start seeing advertisements for orgies plastered on the subways.