On the Radar: Sienna Berritto!

Ty and Dez sit down with the haus of anti-'s incarnation of Hannah Höch (seriously though, you HAVE to check out Sienna's collages): Sienna Berritto!

Watch our 4/20 interview and check out more of Sienna's poems and visual art below!

Pardoned Passion

I was a partial reason for her to think differently.
I never intended for those thoughts to be negative.
The accessibility of my existence in her mind should hold no burden.
The taste of my name in her mouth should resemble ripened fruit, succulent and nourishing.
This is an elixir of life... and yet it feels as if I’ve been the snake to her Eve.
of our connection resemble seeds; cultivating a flourishing garden of beautiful moments.
There can never be enough soil to spread my love.
Her petals bloom in chaotic nature; intoxicating pollen connects with an eager stigma causing an alluring dance of stamen and pistol.
Have I now caused for pesticides to fill our soil?
Praying that she holds the sweetness close, savoring it for what it’s worth.
For what grows will in turn die, and what was ripened inevitably must rot.
A Woman’s Manifesto

I am a woman with passion.
My love knows no bounds.
My will strives forth.
My pursuits never ending.
Former females didn’t struggle for present stagnation.
We shall march holding uncrowned heads high with grace, through streets paved by their history.
They set the path so that we could continue the journey.
Embark on this feminine pursuit to be more than what is expected.
Realize that you’re a blessing.
Appreciate the marvelous curves and all that surrounds them.
Never diminish your worth.
Never subdue your strength.
Always be true to your emotions.
Always hold onto your femininity.
For this is what makes you a goddess.
Religion of Self

A fallen disciple of the stars whispered prayers at nightfall.
Blessed words from sinners lips; the purest form of blasphemy.
The brightness above shines far from arms reach.
It leaves a glimmer of hope for the eyes to grasp.
A fine line between existing and the afterlife.
Worshiping the intangible, renouncing the existence of truth.
Hedonism forming resolve of progression to an unknown wasteland.
Theology of broken faith leaving the damned to resort to vices.