Buy your tickets for Offline Projects' ROLLER DOME!!

Offline Projects, a friend of the collective, is an experiment exploring the intersection between new media art and nightlife.

For OP 003, we’re transforming the old Salvation Army Daycare into the ROLLER DOME: a vagabond industrial roller disco. An operational preschool by day, the ROLLER DOME features a 4900 sq ft roller rink in the gym & dance floor in the cafeteria – all fit out with sweeping projections, spatial and lighting design.



Kyle Hall (Wild Oats Music, Detroit) • Anthony Naples (Proibito Recs, NYC)


Brthr & Adrian Yu – Spatial Design & Projections • Ocular Presence– Lighting Installations

  • Limited roller skates will be available for rent. 
  • Bring-your-own-skates highly encouraged.
  • Exclusive OP "Cold Press" will be served.
  • 21+

Gay in the City 02

it's 5:52 am. I'm currently laying in bed thinking about boys... and weed. Honestly more weed than boys simply because if i had a spliff right now i would easily be asleep and boys would be a distant memory. Sometimes i wonder what my life would be like if I was straight. I remember being younger and being infatuated with the beauty of a woman. The issue was I was using my infatuation as a way to cover up my denial. Eventually I knew if I chose to be straight I was fulfilling a prophecy of self loathing that society (and my father) would of so graciously accepted. I couldn't deny attraction but i wasn't authentically into females. It doesn't mean one day I couldn't marry a woman as long as she understands I will be fucking our pool boy. Regardless if we have a pool or not. I'll never forget the day I finally came out to myself. I was in the car leaving my high school graduation. The moment it was over I couldn't have gotten out of there faster. Besides saying goodbye to one of my best friend at the time and introducing my parents to Usher (yes Usher was at my graduation which is another story for another day lol), I was out of their quicker than the caps could fall. While in the backseat of my parents car I realized in high school I fell in love with a girl named Alex. I thought of the day we spent at her house in bumbafuck Queens while her parents were away. How we ran around dancing to Sublime and eating homemade cookies. How she let me take her top off in the attic while we watched Stardust under a sea of hundred of pillows. Then I thought of the times I would lie to her and sneak off to see some man I met off of Grindr. At that moment i realized I put her through too so much shit and she deserved way better than me. Even through I knew I had to let her go the further we drove away the more it hit me that she was going to be the only thing I actually miss. It was one thing to be a faggot but being a shitty person is completely different. That realization broke my fucking heart. I started balling my eyes out in that backseat and my parents extremely confused drove us silently to Red Lobster. 

I think about this day a lot because for me it was my transition from the closet to a world of Kesha, glitter and a lot of crop tops.



Gay in the City 01

Question for all of the homosexuals, women and men on the low who eventually read this: 

Lets set up the scenario, you're on the train and a group of men sit across from you glistening in sweat with basketballs under their muscular ass arms. You glance at them while their heads are turned do you immediately look at their bulge? Maybe it's just me in all my horny summer glory but lately I can't stop staring at a dick print. Okay maybe that's a little intense and if your straight reading this please don't start jumping to conclusions that every gay boy is staring at your dick. I will say this is a personal issue and the zoom in feature on instagram was a blessing in disguise. I'm not even discrete about it anymore my eyes go straight for it with no remorse. I know a lot of my gay friends who definitely have similar urges. I had an old friend who was muchhh worse than me. I'm also starting to see men as just one huge social experiment. I honestly blame this on how over sexualizing has become so normalized the world must be one big horny mess. America has lost its filter. We've lost all tastefulness and poise. The way this mindset of no boundaries has trickled into the masses, I won't be surprised to start seeing advertisements for orgies plastered on the subways.


A day in BAlexander Studios with Dez

It's always a pleasure when I get to work with other gay black creatives in this Industry. It seems as if sometimes as queer artists we don't support or take the time to collab as much as we should. Yesterday I got to work with a close friend of mine Brendon Alexander who currently has grown tremendously as a stylist working with artists like Solange and Jason Derulo.  He is now dabbling into the world of photography. During the shoot we broke boundaries of masculinity and took gender fluidity to a whole new wavelength. After almost 4 years of friendship I'm glad we finally had the opportunity to create some magic! Go see more of his recent work @balexanderstudios on Instagram! 

- Dez

Red Light Portraits by Troy Benjamin

I had a 2007 Britney Spears meltdown moment because of my infatuation with constant change. Or maybe I'm just indecisive, but anyways here are a few R&B album cover portraits a close friend of the collective, Troy Benjamin took of me.

Love, Dez.

Bundle Ball Photo Booth by Troy!

The first annual Bundle Ball with Off-Hours Events was a blast! Thank you to everyone involved and all who attended :) It's only getting bigger and better from here!

The Ball's Photographer, Troy (@Y0hjiro) took some amazing shots and wanted to make sure that we said thank you on his behalf to everyone for letting him take their picture and having a great time with him!

Find the photos down below. If you see one you want to keep, send us an email or use the form below. Specify the link to the photo(s), and we'll send you the un-watermarked hi-resolution version.



Dez and Ty

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ISSA BALL!!! Ladies and gentlemen the haus of Anti- and @offhoursevents would like to cordially invite you to the Bundle Ball at @astorplacehairstylists. We are celebrating life and luxury in 80s glam style with a lot of surprises 😈💕! Pulll uppp you don't want to miss this extravaganza! Make sure to rsvp to: or with the form below! (21+).

update: List closes at 2pm. 

AiR Recap

April 22nd was the first installment of our gallery series, Artist in Resident. Sasha Hinds (a friend of the collective & art enthusiast) opened the doors of her beautiful brownstone in Clinton Hill to us. We transformed her cozy haven into a quaint gallery space. Here are a few photos that photographer, Sherri Daniels captured during the festivities.

Introducing: Troublesome

Troublesome is an emerging New Jersey brand that has been established this year, in 2017. Troublesome effortlessly embodies the grind of a gritty New Jersey while still expressing the experiences of minorities, females, and the youth. The brand is immersed in engaging and evolving the culture and style, with aims of uplifting it's supporters and shattering the stigmas that have been forced upon us; focusing on creating our own unique and simple yet powerful designs we could call our own.

(Check out photos of their new collection below! Troublesome tees drop on Monday at 8pm!!)


Photographer: Will Riley Jr.

Models: Maria RestrepoSandy Minn



Check it out: The Production Pt. 2

Friend of the collective, Winnie (@goldgvto)'s second video in her series, "The Production" is as amazing as the first!

According to Winnie: "This show is my way of giving underground artist all over a platform to display their music other than showcases in their own original way."

More info: Produced by Winnie Woodward @goldengvto and directed by Adisa Sobers @kidzrevil (,"The Production" is a 4 episode mini series highlighting various artists across the country in a traditional cipher setting. In this episode we take a look into one of the most influential eras that has inspired hip hop as we know it : The Reagan & Bush era. The crack epidemic.

Sponsored by :

1st verse : @ufofev
2nd verse : @romestreetz
3rd verse : @lanskyjones

On the Radar: Sienna Berritto!

Ty and Dez sit down with the haus of anti-'s incarnation of Hannah Höch (seriously though, you HAVE to check out Sienna's collages): Sienna Berritto!

Watch our 4/20 interview and check out more of Sienna's poems and visual art below!

Pardoned Passion

I was a partial reason for her to think differently.
I never intended for those thoughts to be negative.
The accessibility of my existence in her mind should hold no burden.
The taste of my name in her mouth should resemble ripened fruit, succulent and nourishing.
This is an elixir of life... and yet it feels as if I’ve been the snake to her Eve.
of our connection resemble seeds; cultivating a flourishing garden of beautiful moments.
There can never be enough soil to spread my love.
Her petals bloom in chaotic nature; intoxicating pollen connects with an eager stigma causing an alluring dance of stamen and pistol.
Have I now caused for pesticides to fill our soil?
Praying that she holds the sweetness close, savoring it for what it’s worth.
For what grows will in turn die, and what was ripened inevitably must rot.
A Woman’s Manifesto

I am a woman with passion.
My love knows no bounds.
My will strives forth.
My pursuits never ending.
Former females didn’t struggle for present stagnation.
We shall march holding uncrowned heads high with grace, through streets paved by their history.
They set the path so that we could continue the journey.
Embark on this feminine pursuit to be more than what is expected.
Realize that you’re a blessing.
Appreciate the marvelous curves and all that surrounds them.
Never diminish your worth.
Never subdue your strength.
Always be true to your emotions.
Always hold onto your femininity.
For this is what makes you a goddess.
Religion of Self

A fallen disciple of the stars whispered prayers at nightfall.
Blessed words from sinners lips; the purest form of blasphemy.
The brightness above shines far from arms reach.
It leaves a glimmer of hope for the eyes to grasp.
A fine line between existing and the afterlife.
Worshiping the intangible, renouncing the existence of truth.
Hedonism forming resolve of progression to an unknown wasteland.
Theology of broken faith leaving the damned to resort to vices.

Check it out: "The Production"

We're obsessed with this video and we know you will be too!

Produced by Winnie Woodward, a friend of the collective, (@goldengvto) and directed by Adisa Sobers (@kidzrevil -,"The Production" is a 4 episode mini series highlighting various artists across the country in a traditional cipher setting. Episode 1 features New Jersey based artist Bonnie Blunts (@younggriselda) and Bronx based Connie Diiamond (@conniediiamond) as they tackle the infamous "Deep Cover" instrumental by Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre.